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The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) is the premier encyclopedia of molecular changes in cancer, presenting more than 11,000 cancer cases and over 22 different cancer subtypes. With more than 2.5 petabytes of high throughput sequencing data and dozens of datatypes, TCGA data can be a challenge for investigators to work with. Luckily, TIES can help you through each step.

What is TIES?

TIES stands for Text Information Extraction System. At its core, TIES is a natural language processing (NLP) pipeline and clinical document search engine. The software de-identifies, annotates, and indexes your clinical documents, making it easier for your researchers to search for and find the documents and cases that they are most interested in. However, TIES is much more than a search engine. TIES also supports tissue ordering and acquisition, building of Tissue Microarrays (TMAs), and integration with tissue banks and honest brokers. Its collaborative work spaces make it possible for research teams to work on queries and case sets together, even across institutions with separate TIES installations. TIES’s strong security model, well-developed process and policy documentation, and proven acceptance by regulatory groups at multiple academic medical centers help ease deployment in complex translational research settings.

Intelligent Search

Search using concepts from the NCI Metathesaurus and their synonyms, query using patient timelines, and detect negation.

Safe & Secure

Works with industry leading de-identification software to make clinical text HIPAA compliant and uses 1024bit encryption to protect all communications.

Web Client

The TIES Java Webstart client keeps TIES automatically up-to-date and accessible from any computer anywhere in the world.

Open Source

TIES is open source under the LGPL license for non-commercial use. Project code and bug tracking  is hosted on Sourceforge.net.

Virtual Machine

The TIES Virtual Machine (VM) is a self-contained TIES installation on a Linux OS.

See the VM Quick Start Guide for more information.

Designed for casual users.

Version 5.8.1

Download VM


TIES grant support has expired and access is closed at UPMC/Pitt.

Use of pathology and radiology reports for research at UPMC and Pitt is now available via R3 Services. R3 also enables combined use of other UPMC EMR data services.

R3 Services