2017 will be an exciting year, with planned functionality that will revolutionize the TIES software. New features will include visualization of patient timelines, addition of cancer registry data, and word cloud images to help users get a quick idea of distribution and frequency of concepts in their cohorts. And this year we will focus on providing new deidentification options to help minimize implementation costs for new institutional adopters.

Cancer Registry Data

This year we’ll make it a snap for institutions to load their NAACCR formatted Cancer Registry Data. This data will include summaries of patient history, diagnosis, treatment, and status of cancer patients. TIES users will be able to develop more complex research cohorts based on outcomes and treatments, while using the criteria to access virtual slides and biomaterials.

New De-Identifier options

TIES is currently working on adding additional deidentifiers to provide more choices to adopting institutions. Our current development timeline includes a new deidentifier in the Fall 2017 release.

Analytics Framework

This year, TIES will leverage Docker, a java based service that uses containers, to create more efficient workflows for deploying analytic software with your TIES nodes. Docker containers will enable TIES users to process local data and also to easily deploy their code to other TIES nodes in the network.

Other Updates

While these are just some of our biggest features headed to TIES in 2017, there are also several other important features that will be arriving as well:

  • Three new versions of TIES will be implemented throughout the year (tentatively scheduled for February, May, and September)
  • Annotations for Virtual Slides will allow users on the same study to write and keep track of information related to tissue sample slides
  • New Noble Mentions and Noble Coder modifications will increase usability and NLP efficiency
  • Patient timelines will keep track of all of the reports from one patient with a history of cancer
  • Word Clouds will help researchers visualize key terms in query searches and results
  • New TCRN website will house all necessary information to join the TIES network in one convenient location


We can’t wait to get started on all of the new and exciting improvements to help TIES users get their research done faster. But we’re not stopping there! We’re already starting to fill our plate for 2018!

What are you most excited about in the 2017 releases? What do you want to see in 2018?