Get Source Code

Learn how to compile and build TIES binaries

Browse The Code

The TIES source code is hosted at There you can view the code and get instructions to check it out using SVN.


Importing code into Eclipse

Step 1. Install a TIES VM snapshot. See VM Installation Guide for more details.

Step 2. Download and install the latest Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.Eclipse Download Site

Step 3. Checkout the source code using SVN in your command line (terminal for Mac user or Powershell for Windows user) by typing the following in your command line window. (Note: You might need to install SVN first)

  • svn checkout caties-code

Step 4. Open Eclipse Downloaded in Step 2, import the project from file systems.

The current stable release for caTIES is the trunk. When checking out the project, please check out trunk and not the HEAD. It is important the the project name also be ‘caTIES‘ for the launch configurations and build configurations to correctly show up in Eclipse menus.

You can also see the SourceForge SVN page for more information.

Step 5. If there are errors in the edu.upmc.opi.caBIG.connection branch you probably dont have the Java 1.7 JRE installed or registered with Eclipse. 

Step 6. Find the IP address of the VM. The IP address of the VM can be found by clicking the “network connection” button (whcih has the shape of two arrows) in VM and select “connection information”. In the window popped out, the IP address is available under IPv4 section.

Step 7. Configure the internal hosts file.

For Mac user, the hosts file is under etc/. In order to modify the hosts file,

1) Open terminal

2) Go to the etc/ folder

3) Edit the hosts file by appending another line to the hosts file as following

<IP address of the VM> ties-vm

For example, if the IP address of the VM is, then add the following line in the hosts file 

  • ties-vm

For Windows User,

1) Press the Windows key.

2) Type Notepad in the search field.

3) In the search results, right-click Notepad and select Run as administrator.

4) From Notepad, open the following file: c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts.

5) Append another line to the hosts file as following <IP address of the VM> ties-vm

6) Click File > Save to save your changes.

For example, if the IP address of the VM is, then add the following line in the hosts file

  • ties-vm

Step 8: After importing the source code in Eclipse, please also configure the IP Address of VM in the argument of Application Launcher. In order to do that, click “Run Configurations”, in the pop-out window of Run Configurations select “argument” tab. Update the IP address in the first line of the Program Arguments Section.

Running/Debugging the TIES client and pipelines

Five launch configurations are automatically added to the Debug/Run menu when you import caTIES project from sourceforge. After completing the steps outlined above, you should be able to run all the pipelines and the main client through Eclipse.


caTIES uses log4j for logging. The launch configurations are configured to use these configuration files for Log4J by default:

  1. src/test/java/config/ : For the main client
  2. src/test/java/config/ : For the pipelines

Using modified caTIES code in your local installation

The following two ant launch configurations are automatically added to the “External Tools Configuration” menu when you import caTIES project into Eclipse.

Name Purpose
caTIES build caties.jar signed Generates a signed caties.jar file that can be placed in the tomcat\webapps\caties\lib directory. A signed jar is required for the caTIES client to work through Webstart.
caTIES build caties.jar Generates an unsigned caties.jar file that can be placed in the caties-install-dir\WindowsServices\<Pipe>\lib directory.

The new caties.jar will be created in the build directory.

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