Where to look for diagnostic information and typical issues

Where to Look for Diagnostic Information


Component Diagnostic Logs
TIES Client Java Console. See how to enable java console.
Pipelines {tiesInstallationFolder}/pipelines/{PipelineFolder}/logs
Public(De-dentified Data) Tomcat {tiesInstallationFolder}/tomcatPub/{logs}/caTIES.log
Private(Identified Data) Tomcat {tiesInstallationFolder}/tomcatPvt/{logs}/caTIES.log

Typical Issues


Out of memory errors

OutOfMemory errors can occur both on the client and server side. They typically occur on the client side if the client has been running for long and a lot of queries have been run and reports viewed. The error should be visible in the java console log. The solution is to bump up the max heap size allocated to the TIES client by the for the JVM(Java Virtual Machine).

When you run into OutOfMemory issues on the server side, they will be visible in the ties.log or the other tomcat logs. To fix this you will need to use either the JAVA_OPTS or CATALINA_OPTS system variables to specify the max heap size for the JVM to use. you can use the following value for JAVA_OPTS. JAVA_OPTS=”-Xms60m -Xmx512m”

Mac Issues

Mac Java Version 8 Tutorial

Here is a 1-minute tutorial on how to change the Java version from 9 to 8 in order to be able to run TIES.

Hub Transition

The hub at the University of Pittsburgh is shut down on 08/16/2019. If your institution wants to keep a stand-alone instance of TIES running, please follow the tutorial below for hub transition.

Here is a tutorial on how to migrate the TIES hub to your own server.