HL7 File Importer

The HL7 File Importer reads HL7 files and imports them into TIES

How To Use

The HL7 Importer is installed in\services\HL7ImportPipeController. The installer also installs it as a Windows Service or a Linux daemon so that the pipeline automatically starts when the server starts up.

Step 1 – Extract data from LIS in HL7 format

The HL7ImportPipeController is a tool that is used to load HL7 files into TIES. These HL7 files are generated based on a Cerner(TM) HL7 specification. You will need to work with your clinical IT team to configure the LIS HL7 interface to generate these files for you. Download HL7 Spec.

Step 2 – Configure the pipeline

The main configuration files for this component are:

classes\config\caTIES.properties This is the master configuration file. This file contains parameters for all pipelines, so scroll to the section of the file that is relevant to this pipeline to make any changes. This file is configured by installer and you do not generally require to modify this file unless you want to tweak these parameters. Comments and inactive lines in the file start with a #.
classes\config\SectionHeaderConfig.txt Used to map your section names to caTIES standard section headers. The Source Label is what goes into the NAME field of IDENTIFIED_SECTION table. You should change the Source Label column to adapt to your data. See Section Configuration for more information

caties.document.type The document type your are importing. Default: PATHOLOGY. caties.hl7importer.directory.home The directory where the input HL7 files are stored. caties.hl7importer.sleepsize The time in ms. for which the pipeline sleeps between checks for new files. Default: one minute. caties.hl7importer.tag An optional tag to be applied to the imported reports.classes\SectionHeaderConfig.txtUsed to map section headers in the data to TIES standard section names. The LIMS column in the file should match the section headers in your HL7 file.classes\EthnicityConfig.xmlSpecifies the mapping between your institution’s ethnicity value domain and the TIES standard ethnicity value domain.classes\GenderConfig.xmlSpecifies the mapping between your institution’s gender value domain and the TIES standard gender value domain.classes\RaceConfig.xmlSpecifies the mapping between your institution’s race value domain and the TIES standard race value domain.

Step 3 – Start the pipeline

On Windows you can start the pipeline by starting the HL7ImportPipeController service from Windows Services.  Alternatively you can also use the batch file in the \bin folder.

Step 4 – Monitor the log files

Monitor the log files to make sure that the files are being processed and there are no errors.


The HL7 Importer is installed as a Windows service or a Linux daemon during installation. Check to make sure the service is running. In the absence of any input files, the HL7 Importer goes to sleep, but continues to run in the background.

Next, check the log files for any errors. When files are successfully processed, you will see messages in the service.log indicating the number of reports imported.

The log files are located under the logs folder of the pipeline.

logs\service.log Detailed diagnostic information about the pipeline.
logs\wrapper.log Windows service log

Common Errors


STATUS | wrapper  | 2006/12/05 16:35:27 | Launching a JVM... 
INFO   | jvm 5    | 2006/12/05 16:35:27 | Error occurred during initialization of VM 
INFO   | jvm 5    | 2006/12/05 16:35:27 | Could not reserve enough space for object heap 
ERROR  | wrapper  | 2006/12/05 16:35:27 | JVM exited while loading the application.


This occurs when the Java memory heap settings are requesting more memory than is available in the system. Edit the conf\wrapper.conf file. Towards the end of the file you should find the initial and maximum heap size parameters. Optimal settings would be at 80% of the available system memory available.

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