Getting Started

Accessing the client and logging in

Accessing the Client

Please ask for the web start client from the TIES administrator at your institution.

Logging In

When you start the application for the first time, Java Webstart will download the client to your machine. This will take a while. Subsequent startups are much faster.

Step 1: Select the data network


These are typically the following options:

  • Production Data Network
  • Test Data Network

The Test Data Network is used for testing and demonstration purposes and contains dummy data. You should select the Production Data Network if you want to access real data for your institution.

Your account information is valid only with the data network that you are registered on, so make sure you select the correct data network.

Step 2: Enter username and password

Enter your account information here.

Step 3: Select role and study

Here you must select the role under which you are accessing the system. There are 4 possible roles:

  1. Preliminary User
  2. Researcher
  3. Honest Broker
  4. Administrator

You may or may not see some of these roles depending on which of them have been assigned to you. If you log in as a preliminary user, researcher, or honest broker, you will also need to select the study you want to log in to. You will be able to change the role or study later on from within the client. Based on the role you selected, the client loads different user interfaces. More information about each of the roles is available on the Roles page.