Managing Case Sets and Orders

How to create, submit and fill orders

Ordering tissue in TIES is a multi-step process involving communication with the honest broker to confirm the order. Orders can be created by Researchers or Honest Brokers. Honest brokers can fill orders and update order status.

The basic procedure is as follows:

  1. An order is created by a Researcher (or Honest Broker).
  2. The order is submitted and is added to an Honest Broker’s queue.
  3. The Honest Broker verifies the order, performing the following steps:
    • Examining IRB approval
    • Verifying tissue availability
    • Updating the status of each order item
  4. The Honest Broker requests confirmation from the Researcher after updating the status of all order items and setting the order status to either Retrieved or Incomplete (depending on whether all requested items were available or not). The order is then added to the Researcher’s awaiting confirmation queue.
  5. The researcher confirms the order. The order is added to the Honest Broker’s confirmed queue.
  6. The Honest Broker fulfills the order by performing the following steps:
    • Cutting tissue/slides
    • Shipping tissue to the PI or holding tissue for collection by the PI
    • Setting the order status to Distributed.

Orders can also be modified or cancelled after they are submitted.

Each of these steps is explained in more detail below.

Create a New Case Set/Order

To create a new case set/order:

  1. Click the AddCaseSetButton button in the Case Sets area of the screen. Alternatively, right click a report and select Add Report to New Case Set.
  2. Enter a name for the case set in the popup window that appears.
  3. Click OK.

TIES will generate a unique identifier for the case set. The My Case Sets tab will be displayed where you can look through and make changes to all of your orders.

Add an Item to an Existing Case Set/Order

To add an item to an existing order, simply drag and drop the desired report to the appropriate case set. Alternatively, you can right click the report, select Add Report to, and choose the desired case set. You can select multiple reports at the same time by using Shift-left click, or Ctrl-left click.

Case Set Menu

Case Set Filters

Case sets can now be filtered by name, creator, status, etc. This makes searching for a specific type of case set quicker and easier than ever before.

  1. To search, simply click on the box and type in the name, creator, or status of the case set.
  2. The filter will automatically take effect as you type.

Toolbar for Case Set Reports

The tool bar in the report allows you to shuffle through reports, copy another item into a case set, move item into another case set, remove an item from case set, place an order, make a copy of the case set, and download the case set.

NOTE: When downloading case sets, please do not add spaces or dashes to the name of the file. This will result in slow or failed attempts at downloading.

Copying a Case Set and Renaming

  1. Right click on the case set you wish to copy.
  2. Select “Make a Copy” from the drop down menu
  3. On the copy, right click on “Rename” to rename the case set.
  4. You can also add a description to the case set.

Annotating Case sets

Case sets can be quickly annotated by using a chat-like box featured on the right-hand side of the screen.

  1. Type in what you wish to annotate about the report.
  2. Click Save to have the message appear under the Notes section, along with the date, time, and your name.

Note: Users who are on the same study can all view the notes and annotate the same case studies. That is why there is a time stamp and name provided for each individual annotation.

For more information about annotating case sets, please visit this page.

Ordering Tissue

After running a query, tissue can be ordered. A new order can be created or tissue can be added to an existing order. You must be in the Results tab to order tissue.

Submit an Order

Once you have added all the items you wish to order to a particular order, the order should be submitted so an Honest Broker can fill the order and update the status of order items. Tissue orders may not be completely filled by the Honest Broker due to unavailability of some of the order items requested.

To submit an order:

  1. Select the order you want to submit from the Case Sets pane.
  2. Click the button located in each report toolbar.
  3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to submit the order.

After an order is submitted, its status is changed to “submitted”. The order will appear in the Submitted Orders pane.

Cancel an Order

To cancel an order that has been submitted:

  1. Select the order you want to cancel from the Orders pane in the My Case Sets tab.
  2. Click the Remove button located under the tools options on the right hand side.
  3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to cancel the order.


Confirm an Order for Shipping

Confirming an order for shipping is the second step in the two-step process of ordering tissue. The first step involves the Researcher submitting the order to the Honest Broker, after which the Honest Broker updates the availability status of the items. Tissue orders may not necessarily be completely filled by the Honest Broker due to unavailability of some of the order items requested in the order.

If the order cannot be filled in its entirety, the Researcher may or may not want the order to be shipped. Therefore, before an order is shipped, the Researcher must confirm shipment of the order.

To confirm an order for shipping:

  1. Select the order to confirm for shipping from the Submitted Orders pane in the My Case Sets tab.
  2. Click the Confirm button located under Available Tasks.
  3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to confirm the order for shipping.

NOTE: After an order is submitted, the Researcher may only add additional ordering instructions to the order items. He/she may not modify, add or remove order items. When the honest broker updates the status of all order items and requests confirmation from the Researcher, the Researcher then has an option to modify the order and resubmit if he/she is not happy with the order status. To modify the order, simply click the Modify button located under Available Tasks. At that point, the order will be moved back to the Case Sets pane, and items can be added and removed from the order.


Order Options for Honest Brokers

Once an order is submitted, Honest Brokers can update the status of orders in the Manage Orders tab. To view the Manage Orders tab, click the ManageOrdersButton button, or choose Manage Orders from the View menu. In the Manage Orders tab, all orders from a particular study are grouped together, and individual order items are listed underneath each order. Orders that are new to your queue and have not been viewed yet are listed under the New Orders Pane.


Update Status for Orders and Order Items

The status of orders and individual order items should be updated by the honest broker as they go through steps. Below is a table listing the different statuses available:

Order/Order Item Status Description
Order Item Retrieved Actual tissue was retrieved
Order Item Not Found Tissue could not be located
Order Item Reviewed Order item was approved
Order Item Unusable Tissue was located, but is not usable (e.g. not enough left)
Order Item Processed New slides have been made and are ready for pickup/shipping
Order Item Distributed Tissue has been approved, processed, and picked up/shipped
Order Not Submitted Not sent to Honest Broker (not visible in Honest Broker Queue)
Order Pending In Honest Broker Queue
Order Requested Honest Broker requested tissue to be retrieved
Order Incomplete Not all of the order items were found or some were unusable
Order Retrieved All order items were retrieved
Order Cancel Researcher cancelled order
Order Confirmed Researcher confirms the order after Honest Broker accepts ore rejects all order items
Order Processed All order items have been processed
Order Distributed All order items have been picked up/shipped

To update the status of individual order items and orders:

  1. Select the particular order item or order to be updated from the appropriate orders pane (New Orders, In Process Orders, etc.) in the Manage Orders tab.
  2. Select the appropriate status from the Status drop-down list.
  3. Click the SetButton button.

The status of order items and orders should be continually updated as appropriate.

Add Comments to an Order

There may be times where Honest Brokers want to add a comment concerning the status of an order item. A common example of an Honest Broker comment is the reason why an order item cannot be fulfilled.

To add comments to an order:

  1. Select the particular order item to comment on from the New Orders pane in the Manage Orders tab.
  2. Click in the Honest Broker Comments textbox and enter the comments.
  3. Click the Save button to save changes.