TIES TCGA Data and Demo

The TIES TCGA Data gives you unlimited access to TCGA data and acts as demo for what TIES can do for other cancer data files. The TIES TCGA demo specifically gives you access to the entire publicly available clinical data set provided as part of The Cancer Genome Atlas (http://cancergenome.nih.gov/). We’ve loaded >10,000 cancer cases, including NLP processed pathology reports, accompanying whole slide images, and discrete clinical data such as treatment and outcomes information. Find exactly the cohort you need using TIES.

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TIES-Xena Genomic Browser Project

To study and treat cancer, the genomics community has generated high-quality, publicly available cancer genomics data from tens of thousands of patients. Tools like the UCSC Xena Browser enable the use of these big genomics data resources (i.e., TCGA) by the broader scientific community, supporting dynamic queries, exploration and visualization of these data. A challenge for Xena and other genomics data portals is to enable scientists, in their language, to select samples based on one or more phenotypic features or outcomes. We have partnered with the Xena team at UC Santa Cruz (UCSC), in part with the NCI ITCR (U24CA180921-04) supplement program, to expose the TCGA pathology reports stored in our TIES repository using a REST API.  Through this collaboration we used TIES’s natural language processing-based intelligent clinical data search within the UCSC Xena Browser. This makes it possible for genomics researchers to use clinical report text (such as the pathology report) to find specific samples and genomic results associated with particular phenotypes. This provides an example that can be emulated by other portals, potentially leveraging the same open source software that we developed.  For a demonstration, go to the following link   TIES-Xena Demo