Manual Annotation Tool

The manual annotation tool allows you to manually enter structured data associated with case sets. This can be used to capture expert annotations within TIES and eliminates the need to store it in a separate spreadsheet as the expert reviews the reports. All the data can then be easily exported to Excel along with any existing data in TIES.

Under the My Case Sets tab click Annotate from the Available Tasks menu under the name of the Case Set.

The Add Field Button field-button allows users to qualify if the document(s) all have the same patient information or different information across the Case Set. The Data Type can also be specified to help in labeling and location of the report.

To create a Field: 

  1. Click the button on the right hand side of the page that shows the Field button.
  2. In the popup, decide whether or not you wish the field to be For Patient or For Report. The For Patient lets information in the field show across multiple reports for the same patient. The For Report allows information to be different from other reports in your Case Set.
  3. Decide the name of the Field.
  4. Add an optional description.
  5. Decide the Data Type from the category drop down box.
    • Text –a specific textbox appears for more information to be entered
    • Category – gives a specific predetermined set of values to choose from a dropdown menu
    • Numeric – a textbox designed to enter numeric values
    • True/False – a checkbox for True or False will appear to answer the question posed by the Name or Description of the Field Box
  6. Click Save.

NOTE: All of the field types will form a specific column in an Excel Spreadsheet to easily view data.

The Add Form Button form-button provides a name for the annotation page, gives the researcher the option of sharing the report with everyone, others in the study, or just themselves.

To create a Form:

  1. Click the button on the right hand side that shows the Form option.
  2. Type in a name and description of the form. A namespace will automatically generate based on the name of the Form.
  3. Select who you wish to share the information with:
    • Me
    • Study Members
    • Everyone
  4. Click Save.

The other options in the annotation tool include:

  • The Arrow Keys arrow-keys make it easier to move from one report to another within your Case Set.
  • The Download as Excel Spreadsheet Button download-button creates an Excel file that can be saved onto a user’s desktop.

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