Our plans for the upcoming releases

The TIES system is no longer supported by Grant Number U24 CA180921 from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), therefore, no enhancements or modifications are being actively worked on.  The TIES source code is open source and available on Sourceforge.

Past Releases

Spring 2018 Release – v5.8 – Anticipated April/May 2018

Spring 2017 Release – v5.7 – RELEASED 06/26/2017

  • Improved structured data import to support large batches and grouped data elements.

Spring 2015 Release – v5.3 – RELEASED 06/01/2015

  • Installer for TCRN Node
  • New Metadata storage system v1
  • New search mechanism v1
  • Node management tool
  • Include RPCI scripts into TIES
  • Whole Slide Imaging for Reports
  • Account Lockout

Summer/Fall 2015 Release – v5.4 – RELEASED 11/11/2015

  • New Metadata storage system v2
  • New search mechanism v2
  • Auditing Support
  • Tag reports (prev. could only tag patients)

Winter 2015 Release – v5.5 – RELEASED March 28th 2016

  • Active Directory/LDAP Integration
  • REST API v1 – Read only Hub API for case sets, studies and users
  • Search using patient and report de-identified IDs/UUIDs

Spring/Summer 2016 Release – v5.6 – RELEASED Sept 19th 2016

  • Ability to add manual annotations to any report in a caseset.
  • Improved Login experience
  • Native TIES Client applications for Windows, Mac and Linux.