Upgrading TIES

Learn how to upgrade from an older version of TIES

Since v5.1, the TIES Installer supports upgrades of older TIES node installations going back up to v5.0. However, each installer only supports upgrading from the last version before it. So run all installers between your version and the latest version if you are more than one version behind.


Step 1: Download the installer

Download the installer package and unzip it to a temporary location on your node server.

Step 2: Run the installer

Log into your node server and run the tiesinstaller.bat file.

Note: Please stop/shutdown all existing TIES (tomcat) services (public/private), prior to running the installer.

Step 3: Provide the installation location and hit Next.

The installer should detect the last installation location automatically, however please verify its accuracy before proceeding. If the installer detects a TIES installation in the folder, then the installer should prompt you to upgrade on the next screen.


Step 4: Check installation parameters

On the following screen, you will be shown database configuration parameters the installer has detected. Please verify that these are accurate. If these are inaccurate, please exit the installer and fix the parameters in the <tiesinstllation>\configuration\variables.txt file and then re run the installer.


Step 5: Begin the upgrade

Click the Begin Update button at the top to start the upgrade. The Installer will update the database configuration and the required jar files within your installation.

Step 6: Upgrade all TIES servers.

If you have a multi-server TIES installation, please run the installer on each server, following the same steps as listed above.