Version History

v5.8 – 4/24/2018

New Features
Bug Fixes
97 TIES Chart should count patients
233 New Tags not working
234 Duplicate entry error when loading reports
105 Control panel not displaying properly
235 Query unable to save
236 Install bug
237 Annotation form fields from earlier not displaying
109 Annotation form fields on exports

v5.7 – 06/26/2017

See the What’s New page for more information.

New Features
  • Improved structured data loading for grouped data items
  • Improved performance for loading large datasets
Bug Fixes
227 when saving case set files, spaces are not handled correctly in filenames
225 Downloading PHI from a case set after opening it in the new view
228 New account email says Password Reset
229 copy/​move multiple selected items across case sets
231 TCGA Node duplication at RPCI
223 NOT concept search is acting like a NOT text search

v5.65 – 02/01/2017

See the What’s New page for more information.

New Features
74 Data and image viewing in case sets (request by Rebecca)
83 Structured data view, add a table that transposes structured data for attributes with multiple values
81 Implement file based query save/load in TIES

Bug Fixes
218 Cannot change expiration date for study
217 Null values in exported caseset for a lot of columns
200 Email notifications when requesting access to other centers
216 Step up request for study just revokes access
205 NPE in CaseSet export when one of the reports is ‘not available’
214 Updating User Profile information
215 Cannot search with more than one MRN or SSN or patient or document ID
212 Query tab shows as if it is not modified (hence saved) if you delete sub query
213 Cannot save/load queries containing demographic criteria
209 Manual annotation tool doesn’t display pre-loaded data
221 Manual annotation forms patient fields


v5.6 – 09/19/2016

See the What’s New page for more information.

New Features
Create an ability to add manual annotations to casesets
In Temporal query results, Indicate which report belongs to which event
Write Excel files for export to get around CSV multiline issues
Bug Fixes

v5.5 – 03/23/2016

New Features
Add LDAP support to TIES
Ability to pop out a report in a separate window
Numbering Patients in TIES
Adding report date to honest broker header
Adding features to Regulatory Administrator audit

See the What’s New page for more information.

Bug Fixes
Multi institutional search result counts don’t match up
Advanced Dashboard View “AND”ing where it should be using “OR” and “NOT”
Demographic restrictions not cleared in dashboard view by “Start Over” button
“Available Tasks” Not Visible for Indivisual Case Set Items in HB Role
Search term highlighting does not work for some queries that do have search terms
Cannot seem to add OR branch in diagram mode
case set export as honest broker has columns mixed up.
File menu not accessible for Regulatory Administrators

v5.4 – 11/11/2015

New Features
  • Improved query builder to support structured data search.
  • Query Activity Log report generation and auditing functions.

See the What’s New page for more information.

Bug Fixes

 v5.3 – 06/01/2015

New Features
Support for storing structured data.
Support for virtual slides.
Account Locking after several incorrect login attempts.
New Regulatory Administrator Role.
Report Type in Diagram Mode
Prompt to save queries before exiting TIES
Option in scrubber to only scrub quarantined reports
Search for an existing study/user before creating a new one
Bug Fixes:
Bar char not displaying most recent year
queries not saving properly when using concept and text search
access type for studies always says Aggregate Data
Filter by gender doesn’t work in Advanced Panel
Drag Drop reports to a case set
Unable to add comments

v5.1 – 01/15/2015

New Features
Attach and store IRB documents related to studies.
Node Control Panel to customize a node after installation.
TCRN registration licensing for non-member institutions.
Improved Login screen.
Manually scrub identifiers.
Add patient information to QA View.
Add patient name to exported CSV for honest broker order export.
Support partial matches in concept search in diagram view.
Bug Fixes:
Adding new user under research role erroneously accesses private server.
Queries don’t run on first attempt in Dashboard.
PITT aggregate queries stay in SEARCHING.
Save queries not working.
Incorrect mapping for H&E text to Head and Neck concept.
HL7 Importer does not import reports with no collection date.
Total number of reports is incorrect when you change the number of results you want.
Saving changes popup never goes away when adding or revoking user to study.
Quality Assurance view does not refresh when reports are unquarantined or review is cancelled.


Faster, more scalable
  • Completely redesigned pipeline and database to support tens of millions of documents.
  • Highly scalable. Deploy hundreds of coder machines easily using either a VM snapshot or the installer.
  • Uses NobleCoder, a brand new coder algorithm that is as accurate and 2x faster than our previous coder.
Easier to install and use
  • Bundled all the prerequisite software along with the TIES software in one easy to use installer.
  • Option to deploy a Linux VM snapshot of a fully configured TIES node.
  • Dashboard query mode has spell check and auto lookup for best matching concepts for your search terms.
  • Specify different sections for different document types across different institutions, all in the same query.
  • Diagram query mode has a new Filters palette to easily add new filters to your query.
Support for Multiple Report Types
  • Look for patients with specific characteristics across report types. Easily do Quality Improvement studies using the Temporal Querying feature of TIES.
  • Import multiple report types and use customized dictionaries and coders for each report type.
  • Pathology and Radiology dictionaries are included with the default installation. Need to import another domain? Our default dictionary will work on most medical domains.
  • You will easily be able to build custom dictionaries for your domain using the NobleTools package that comes with NobleCoder.
Better User and Study Management
  • Supports highly granular user and study authorization management. Approve or reject at the study level or at the individual user level for any research study.
  • Restrict studies to access specific report types.
  • Can now manage hundreds of users and studies.
  • You will be able to restrict specific research studies to only certain report types.

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