TIES just got a little better!

TIES v5.4 brings structured data search and audit report generation to TIES.

An improved search experience

In order to support structured data search in an easy to use experience, we have changed the way the dashboard query builder works.

v5.3 Dashboard

The Old Dashboard

v5.4 Dashboard

The New Dashboard











Right away, you will notice that, it is a lot cleaner and simpler and takes up less vertical space. Demographic pickers for Age, Gender and Race are now grouped under Demographics. Event Year has its own criteria box. Structured data search criteria are grouped under Other Criteria. All of them are specified using what look like simple text boxes; they are anything but. The are what we call Criteria Selection Boxes.

The Criteria Selection Box

Criteria Selection Box

Editing a criteria








Criteria selection boxes can be used by clicking on them and selecting the criteria that you want to add. When you click the box, you will notice a list of available criteria appear below it. You may continue typing in the box to filter this list. To select a criteria, either click on it or use the keyboard to select and press the enter key.  This will add the criteria to the box as a button that you can click on to edit the criteria.
Based on the type of the criteria, you may be displayed a text box, a check box or a list of items to select from. Shown here is a numeric criteria such as Age.


Activity Log and Auditing Support

Regulatory Administrators now have access to the Activity Log tab where you can generate search activity reports for any date range.

2015-11-03 12_19_05-TIES v5.4 - Administrator, - First Institution (Production Data Network)

Bug Fixes


Please notify us at ties@pitt.edu if you are having any issues with the update.

The TIES Team