Welcome to TIES v5.5!

Here are the most significant changes:

Result Charts

TIES now displays summary statistics for the returned result set which is live updated as results come in.



De-identified ID search

You can now additionally search for a specific patient or report as a researcher using the patient ID or Report ID that is displayed in the header of the report. You specify the search using the Other Criteria box.


Pop out report to a new window

You will now see a new icon to the right of the report view that you can click to pop out a new window with the report. This should make things easier if you want to see two reports side by side.


Complete New Feature List

Popup Notifying Admins of Revoking User Access
Adding features to Regulatory Administrator audit
Add LDAP support to TIES
Ability to pop out a report in a separate window
Numbering Patients in TIES
Adding report date to honest broker header

Other Bug Fixes

Multi institutional search result counts don’t match up
Advanced Dashboard View “AND”ing where it should be using “OR” and “NOT”
Demographic restrictions not cleared in dashboard view by “Start Over” button
“Available Tasks” Not Visible for Indivisual Case Set Items in HB Role
Search term highlighting does not work for some queries that do have search terms
Cannot seem to add OR branch in diagram mode
case set export as honest broker has columns mixed up.
File menu not accessible for Regulatory Administrators