What’s new in TIES v5.6

This release introduces the Manual Annotation tool and an improved Login experience.

Manual Annotation Tool

The manual annotation tool allows you to manually enter structured data associated with case sets. This can be used to capture expert annotations within TIES and eliminates the need to store it in a separate spreadsheet as the expert reviews the reports. All the data can then be easily exported to excel along with any existing data in TIES.


Improved Login Experience

newlogindialog newloginstudiesdialog

We have made the username and password fields larger to make it easier to notice any typos. We have also added an option to un-hide the typed password. The roles and studies now load much faster and the study drop down list is now searchable. This is especially useful if you are a member of a lot of studies as it will avoid the need to scroll through a large list.

Native Clients for Windows, Mac and Linux

Starting with this release, we will provide native TIES clients for the Windows, Mac and Linux OSes. This should help alleviate any issues you might have using TIES due to restricted permissions on the computer you are using.

Bug Fixes

Please notify us at ties@pitt.edu if you are having any issues with the update.

The TIES Team