What’s New in TIES v5.65!

Here are the most significant changes:

New and improved Case Set Management

The new My Casesets tab (Manage Casesets for HBs) loads much faster and allows you to quickly find the caseset you want to work with. Additionally you can create a copy of the caseset and download it conveniently from this screen.

The new Caseset view has been redesigned to be more user friendly. Reports belonging to the same patient are grouped and you can new see the associated data and images in this view. The right part of the screen displays other useful information about the item, caseset and the study.
The new Notes feature is redesigned to make it easy to add notes. It automatically adds timestamp and author information, which makes it easy for you to have a conversation with another member of your study.


Complete New Feature List

74 Data and image viewing in case sets 
83 Structured data view, add a table that transposes structured data for attributes with multiple values
81 Implement file based query save/load in TIES

Bug Fixes

218 Cannot change expiration date for study
217 Null values in exported caseset for a lot of columns
200 Email notifications when requesting access to other centers
216 Step up request for study just revokes access
205 NPE in CaseSet export when one of the reports is ‘not available’
214 Updating User Profile information
215 Cannot search with more than one MRN or SSN or patient or document ID
212 Query tab shows as if it is not modified (hence saved) if you delete sub query
213 Cannot save/load queries containing demographic criteria
209 Manual annotation tool doesn’t display pre-loaded data