What makes TIES unique

Some features may have known issues. Please refer to the Bug Tracker for more info.

Concept Search

Most search engines look for matching documents that contain the same text as the search term. This has several limitations: the search terms may have spelling errors, or the user may not specify all of the possible search terms that describe what he or she is looking for.

TIES uses a completely different approach. It first determines the concept that is described by the search term. It then returns documents that contain that concept. Matching with concepts instead of text has the following advantages:

  1. Much better recall as documents containing the synonyms of the search term are also returned. You only need to specify one of the synonyms when searching.
  2. Concept hierarchy information can be used to further expand the potential matches. For example, a search for vasculitis will return documents mentioning any type of vasculitis, including Buerger’s Disease, Kawasaki Disease, and Cogan’s Syndrome.  You do not have to list out all types of vasculitis in the search criteria.
  3. Concept coding corrects for spelling errors and uses word stemming to improve performance.
  4. Concepts have definitions and semantic types associated with them. Identifying the list of organs, procedures, and diagnoses mentioned in a report is simple once it is concept coded.

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